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Free Preworkout

Thats right. FREE Preworkout every single day of the week. Ask our front desk for a sample and and grab a FREE water bottle out of the fridge to mix it with.

Free Coffee

We didn’t want to stop at Preworkout either. We offer free Starbucks Coffee every single day. Ask our front desk for a K-Cup and pop it in our Keurig.

Tanning Beds

Who doesnt want to look good Naked? Exactly. Enhanced Athlete Gym offers two tanning beds exclusive to its members.

Full Supplement Shop

Our in house supp shop has EVERYTHING a bodybuilder or fitness nut could want. Weekly specials for our members as well.

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We strive to be much more than a full-service body building facility. Built by bodybuilders, we bring something to the table that no other gym can, in-house experience and on-the-spot training.